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On a cold rainy day a man is rushing to his apartment. Thunder roared and the rain kept on coming.
The man got inside and went to his mail box then grabbed his mail as usual. He started up the steps to his apartment all wet from the rain.
He got to his apartment, number 31; he always liked that number for some odd reason no one knew why. After the man went inside he laid the mail down and went off doing work on his computer. *Twenty minutes later* “Ack?! I will never finish this in time! (Sigh) I need a break.”       * Gets off computer then sits down at his table full of papers*  

*Man going through his mail. Rummaging through papers he comes across a letter that he didn't know the address to* “The hand writing looks so familiar. Could it be??" * Rips open the envelope and starts reading*

My Darling,
I haven't seen you for a long time... It seems like an entreaty sense I seen you.  I wish I could see you but our life's are in the way. You’re in one place then I'm in a different place far away from you...... I can't stop thinking of you; I always remember the little things that we did. I wish we could see each other soon it's been 5 years. I wonder if you think of me or just forgotten about me.. I'm afraid to see you again, I have always treated you so rude in the past, but you putted up with it for so long that we have known each other. When you read this please respond back.... I know over the 5 years we haven't talked it will be hard to talk to each other. Let me know though if you would like to talk again.
One more thing.... I love you my darling and I always will.

The one you use to know  

*Man stares at it* "Honey I miss you so much" *Man sits there with one tear shed*
*knock knock*
"Coming." *Walks over and opens door*
"Hi sweetie!" "Hi Lucy"
"We still have plans tonight?" "Yop"
*Man gets dressed and they both start heading out*
"Is there something wrong sweetie?" "No Lucy there isn't"
"Ok just checking" (kiss) *She walks out*
* Man walks out but looks back where the letter laid and says to himself* "I will see you again honey, I will" *Closes door*

He didn’t realize that night that there was a number on the back of the letter saying “Call this number.”
There she left her number and in the corner of the paper she left a photo of both of them when they were kids.
ayakowalsky Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Waiting is stepping lonely into the abyss. And the more you go down the less torches you can find.  The question is, when you are alone there , trying to find next step down, are you true to yourself.  Mind is such a masterpiece, it can take whatever you are giving him. The perfection of someone absence is one of the constructions. If you are willing to wait as long as it takes and abandon live, ppl and world, are you still true to yourself. Can you still love that person or just that lack of the person is becoming more susbtantial need like air to go on. This is one live, one game, no saving. Offcourse,supposedly.
redetzke Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this doesn't sound so good for Lucy.

Bubblegum223 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
How do you write all this perfectly-written stories?
Gia3137 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Well..... Part of the story is what I told my friend if we didn't see eachother for five years then I kinda had a dream about it. Sooooo mostly imagination and edmotional conection
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